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Angora Goats • Tennessee Walking Horses • Great Danes • Tired But Happy Humans

Angora Goats

Photo: Goats Greeting

Welcoming Goats

Photo: Newborn Goats

Newborn Goats

Photo: Hungry Goats

Hungry Goats

Photo: Before Shearing

Barney Before Shearing

Photo: Shearing

Shearing Barney

Photo: After Shearing

Barney After Shearing

Tennessee Walking Horses

Piper died in May 2009; Ebb in December 2009. I have chosen to keep their images on this website since they were such a big part of the farm and a reason for its thriving. We miss them daily still and will add more horses to our family some day.

Ebb's Gentle Eye


          Ebb's Gentle Eye

Ebb and Newborn Piper

  Photo: Piper at 3 mos.

Piper at 3 months



The 11 month old Running




Beggars in Tandem


      Still Curious Beggars

Great Danes


Photo: Great Dane

Welcome to Disa the Wonder Puppy

(Nov 2006 - Feb 2013)

Disa (9 mos) wins RWB at Greeley, CO, in August, 2006

Welcome to Apollo (4 yrs)

(Jun 2002 - Mar 2013)

Your Toys are My Toys Now

Sharing with Big Brother

Disa & Apollo


And the lions shall lay down with the lambs.

Apollo & Gabriel


May 30, 2009 - 5 puppies are welcomed

Disa + Dasia, Duggan, Dalton, Dax (Jax), Devlin (Odin)



                         Dasia at 16 weeks                                                  Duggan at 16 weeks


How Wynham Farms Got Its Name

The name "Wynham" has been conjured up from Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift. In Part IV you will see it spelled "Houyhnhnm". It is the name of the horse-like creatures who ruled that part of Gulliver's dream world. Indeed, they still rule my part of the world and I suffer their disdain daily. Ah, but the lessons they teach this Yahoo underling!

I have selected the following quote from Chapter 3 of Part IV of this classic. It amuses me in it's political timelessness:

"...our countrymen would hardly think it probable, that a Houyhnhnm should be the presiding creature of a nation, and a Yahoo the brute."

Photo: EZ

"Knit on, with confidence and hope, through all crises."
-- Elizabeth Zimmermann


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