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The best way to experience my products is at a fiber event. See my Goat Talk page for a schedule. The next best way is at my Etsy Shop, gotmygoats.

Natural White Mohair
Mohair Roving (mill processed)


$ 50 / lb.         SOLD OUT
$ 40 / lb.         SOLD OUT
$ 30 / lb.
$ 25 / lb.
         SOLD OUT

Mohair Locks (pre-picked by hand & washed by hand)


$ 50 / lb.
$ 40 / lb.

Mohair Picked Fibers (prepped by triple picker & ready to spin)

KID                           $ 60 / lb.

YEARLING              $ 50 / lb.
YOUNG ADULT      $ 40 / lb.
    MoWoPaca™ Roving

Mohair/Wool/Alpaca (50% / 25% / 25%) roving from mini-mill

ALL AGES              $ 72 / lb.     SOLD OUT


Heathered Mohair and Alpaca (35% white mohair / 65% brown alpaca)

ALL AGES              $ 85 / lb.       SOLD OUT

Dyed Mohair, Blends, and other Fibers
Dyed Mohair Rovings
Dyed Mohair Rovings
Dyed Mohair Rovings
Mohair Batts
Batts of 100% Mohair
Mohair Batts
Mohair/Wool Blend
Single Color Blends
of Mohair and Wool
Mohair/Wool Blend
Multi-Color Blends
Multi-Color Blends
of 100% Mohair
Multi-Color Blends


Mohair, Wool and Alpaca (50%/25%/25%)

processed by mini-mill



Mohair and Wool


processed by mini-mill


100% Alpaca

triple-picker picked

natural shades & dyed

$ 50/lb.


$ 60/lb.


Dyed Mohair Locks
Dyed Kid Mohair
Locks and Fiber

Dyed Mohair Locks

Dyed Picked Mohair 
 $ 45/lb.

Kid Mohair Grab Bag -

    Surprise selection of          locks and picked fibers

 $ 55/lb.
These are some samples of fibers I’ve dyed and blended. They are not necessarily in stock. I have an ever expanding inventory of dyes from Greener Shades, Jacquard, Gaywool, Cushings and Country Classics. The wools I’ve blended with mohair are Finn, Merino, Leicester, Coopworth, Cormo and Romney. Contact me (Kathy) with your ideas and let’s brainstorm for some custom fibers to meet your needs.


Alpaca - Natural Colors

Marbled Roving (mill processed)                                   $ 5.50 / oz.

   Combination of fawns and browns

   (darker than shown here)

Beige Roving (mill processed)                                       $ 5.50 / oz.

    (true beige, darker than shown here)


Rose Gray Roving (mill processed)                              $ 5.50 / oz.

    (darker than shown here)


Cinammon Brown Roving (mill processed)               $ 5.50 / oz.

  (true cinammon, darker than shown here)


These rovings are top quality fibers from Kokopelli's Song Alpacas. The alpacas have been raised with TLC and are award- winning show animals. The processing was done by a local mini-mill that handled high quality fibers with TLC. These rovings are very CLEAN and easy to spin..



The buyer is responsible for shipping charges. Rates are calculated by weight and location.
Check USPS for actual Priority Mail rates adding ~12 oz. for the box.
Please email kathy@gotmygoat.com for in stock info and to place your order.

I accept PayPal, checks and money orders. Personal checks over $20 will be held until they clear.

"Knit on, with confidence and hope, through all crises."
-- Elizabeth Zimmermann

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