The Magic continues! Thanks to the North Olympic Shuttle and Spindle Guild (NOSSG) and new fiber artist friends, I am finding many opportunities to share my wares and give my Pickin' Spinnin' Grinnin' workshop. *

Sequim Spring Market ............................ April 22-23

Okfiberfest  ................................................ May 5-7  *

Olympic Lavender Festival ....................... July 21-23

Fiber Fusion NW ............................. October 21-22  *


Can I tell the story of Hoof to Hat Etc. within 30 minutes? I'll try on April 13 with a presentation to the Sequim Garden Club at the Gardiner Community Center. All bets off!



I'm baaack!!

The year of The Move was quite a challenge AND has been magical in many ways. Now I am fairly settled and ready to share some inspirations and creations. Many yarns, rugs and rovings are listed in my Etsy shop (gotmygoats). Or see/feel them in person at the following events.

Olympic Lavender Festival ....................  July 15 - 17

NOSSG Workshop (Pickin' Spinnin' Grinnin') .... Sep 8 & 10

Fiber Fusion Northwest ......................... Oct 15 - 16





I am taking most of the year off for our biggest adventure yet. WF, 'lock stock and barrel', is moving to the NW! Stay tuned for more details, updated photos, and updated products for sale online starting in August.

August 2015.... we made it, in several pieces, but without major mishaps. If you saw a convoy in CO, UT, ID, MT, or WA of 2 horse trailers and 1 car being driven by 3 crazy women in June, that was Wynham Farms on the Move! My display studio in the house is almost company ready and my working studio in the barn is waiting for its turn. I'm enjoying exploring and planning for next year's fiber fun at events in the NW. Stay tuned or check out Wynham Farms with gotmygoat on Facebook!



My biggest and most exciting news is a brand new fiber festival close to home, one with a historical sideline to boot. The first annual Heritage Arts & Fiber Festival will be held on May 17-18 at the Historic Fort Lupton location. The workshops will include my half day class Pickin' Spinnin' Grinnin'. And of course my booth will be displaying my latest creations.

The pending line-up is:

Denver Fiber Fiesta, May 2-4

Heritage Arts & Fiber Festival, May 17-18

Salida Fiber Festival, Sep 6-7

Handweavers Guild of Boulder, Oct 30-Nov 2


Hope to see you at one or all of these events!



I don't know how I do it, but there will be even more new products to tempt the knitters, crocheters, spinners and weavers! Like new silk blends......hand-dyed rug yarns.......scarf kits. Check it out at the following shows:


Taos Fiber Marketplace (Convention Center), April 19-21

Denver Fiber Fiesta (Great Western Alpaca Show), National Western Complex, Stadium Hall 2nd Floor, May 3-5

Scotts Bluff Valley Fiber Arts Fair (NE), Scotts Bluff County Fairgrounds, September 14

49nd Annual Show and Sale, Handweaver's Guild of Boulder, October 30 - November 3, north end of Twin Peaks Mall, Longmont CO



The beat goes on! Or should I say the wheel keeps turning? I have more and more yarns and creations to show this year:

Denver Fiber Fiesta (Great Western Alpaca Show), May 4-6 - National Western Complex, Stadium Hall 2nd Floor

Estes Park (CO) Alpaca Market, September 1-2

Scotts Bluff Valley Fiber Arts Fair (NE), September 14-15

41st Annual Show and Sale, Handweaver's Guild of Boulder, October 31 - November 4, Longmont CO

On Friday, November 2, I will be spinning "Handfuls of Fluff" in the demo area from 10-2.

High Peaks Holiday Art Fair, November 23-24, Spice of Life Event Center, Boulder CO



To see and feel my unique products in person, come to the following events:

Denver Fiber Fiesta (Great Western Alpaca Show), April 29 through May 1 - National Western Complex

Estes Park (CO) Alpaca Market, September 3-4

Scotts Bluff Valley Fiber Arts Fair, September 17, Mitchell NE

40th Annual Show and Sale, Handweaver's Guild of Boulder, Nov 2-6 - Longmont CO. You will find me at this sale daily, either as a cashier's assistant, in the yarns, or demo-ing triangle loom weaving on Saturday from 2-5.





I am announcing the beginning of a new regime for the WF Fiber Division. The emphasis on local fibers will continue and expand to include my handspuns. These yarns will be truly unique and designer quality. My spinning wheels are smokin' with the effort to provide many selections. Due to their "one-off" nature, I will not list the handspuns in my products page. Cursor down for a teaser photo. Please come to the following events to view some of the 2010 selections.


GWAS' Denver Fiber Fiesta, April 30 - May 2, Denver Colliseum/Stadium

Old South Gaylord Memorial Day Weekend Festival, May 29 - 31, 1000 S. Gaylord St., Denver

Estes Park Alpaca Market, September 4-5, Stanley Park Fairgrounds, Estes Park, CO

Handweavers Guild of Boulder Annual Sale, November 3-7, Boulder County Fairgrounds (Exhibit Hall) in Longmont




2009 KIDS

 We had decided to breed alternate years but Gulliver and Faith took matters into their own hands. The result is 2 of our sweetest and heartiest baby does yet. Hope and Hannah were born on May 3 and weighed 5 lbs 13 oz and 6 lbs 1 oz relatively. Moral to the story? Mother Nature will prevail!


I plan on vending at the following festivals which is the best way to see my latest creations. Please check back closer to the dates listed for the links and confirmations.

Alpaca Extravaganza - Boulder County Fairgrounds, February 28 - March 1

Denver Fiber Fiesta - National Western Complex, May 2 & 3

Be Inspired by Colorado Fibers - Holiday Inn Ballroom, Estes Park CO, June 12 & 13

Estes Park Alpaca Market - Stanley Fairgrounds, Sep 5 & 6

Taos Wool Festival - Kit Carson Park, October 3 & 4

ABR Fall Festival - The Ranch in Loveland, November 7 & 8




This section will be my bulletin board for listing meetings at which I'll be giving demos and workshops. So check it often and join the fun!

Pickin' Spinnin' Grinnin' - Alpaca - Eagle Spirit Alpacas Ranch - April 25

Fiber Scouring, Triple Picking, Drum Carding, Spinning Handfuls of Mohair - Holiday Inn Ballroom, Estes Park CO - June 12 & 13

Scoop Shear Spin, an overview on raising Angora goats - Front Range Knitting Guild - 4H Bldg. at The Ranch, July 11





Wynham Farms' was chosen to be the featured local fiber resource for this month. The reporter and I visited with the goats and then ransacked some of the products which were still packed from Taos Wool Festival and awaiting the ABR Fall Festival. Of course as addicted fiberists, we also had to check out equipment and dream about future projects. Read this article at http://coloradofiber.com/blog/. It is a very good representation of our history and challenges.


The eight bred does spread themselves thick n' thin and us too. They started kidding on April 6 with 5 sets of twins born within the first 3 days. The last doe kidded on April 24. The grand total of 14 kids (10 bucklings and 4 doelings) have reminded us how delightful they can be once the stress of birthing is over.

Four of the eight does with their 8 kids will be leaving Wynham Farms for their new home soon. View them here as they graze in early Spring growth and stretch their legs.


2008 Fiber Show-Offs for WF


April 20 ............. Open House and Kid Introduction

(Good turnout and great weather! Much better than a January date. The kids were the stars of course.)

May 2-4 .................... Denver Fiber Fiesta booth and Pickin' Spinnin' Grinnin' workshop

(Good location for a good show with space to spare. Will do again.)

 August 30 - 31 ........................................  Estes Park Alpaca Market

(Many out-of-towners and out-of-staters wanting to experience the mountains must knit/crochet/weave!)

October 4-5 .............................. Taos Wool Festival

(This fest keeps getting better and better. Fiberists must find relief from economic and political garbage in expanding their stashes. This in-progress installation of Booth 67 exposes the stars behind the scenes.)

November 7-8 .................  ABR Fall Festival


Welcome to Ruger Paul!

Eight does have spent the month of November and part of December with the sweetest looking and smelling young buck in the High Plains. Ruger Paul comes to us from a small handspinner's flock in Wyoming. This will be very exhilarating for the Farm since there have been no goat babies since 2004. Check out the website the end of April for photos of the Kids 2008.



WF had a vendor booth in the 2 foremost wool festivals of the southwest. These were juried selections and great opportunities to display my unique yarns, rovings, and kits. I plan on continuing to enjoy these festivals so add them to your calendars. Be sure to stop by and say HEY!

Estes Park Wool Market         Middle of June


Taos Wool Festival                  First full weekend of October




Estes Park Wool Market Workshop by Kathy

Artsy Yarn Spinning

Friday, June 15, 2007



First Annual Open House

January 28, 2007 1:00 - 4:30 PM

showcased millspun local yarns, handspuns and yarn kits

Watch for the Second Annual Open House next year!


Wynham Farms (aka gotmygoat) enjoys success as a first time vendor at Taos Wool Festival

October 7-8, 2006


Wynham Farms Fiber Wins Ribbons at Taos Wool Festival

October 1-2, 2005

Pictures and details


Kathy was interviewed by a reporter for the Northern Colorado
Business Report who is doing a series on alternative livestock businesses.
The article
(published in the June 10-23, 2005, issue)
is available as a PDF (Adobe Portable Document Format -- 348 KB).
You must have Adobe Reader on your computer to get this file.
You can download the free Adobe Reader here.

The 2003 Kids

The 2004 Kids

Photo: Henny & Triplets

Henny and Triplets under heat lamp in 2001

You probably notice that I have no new pictures of kids for 2005-2007 and 2010. We have taken a break from breeding for several reasons. The primary one is that we are 'full up'. Twenty goaties provide us with plenty of fiber and plenty of chores. We have a no-kill facility and take such good care of them that they live long and prosper. The above doe Henny lived to the ripe old age of 15. Also we do not sell our goats to just anyone for just any reason. If you have appropriate fencing and shelter, knowledge of Angora goats plus a sense of responsibility, please contact Kathy or Kelley.

I will try to keep up-to-date listings of appropriate mature goats for sale who would      make good additions to established flocks or would be good starter goats for new goatherders.The does and wethers are all from the 2002 - 2004 kiddings so you can see them as they were and as they are now.The prices range from $300 - $400. Remember that they are white Angora goats with white backgrounds. In general this means finer fibers than Angora goats which have had color introduced from meat and dairy goats.

   Wethers are good additions to a flock for several reasons:

  • They are easy to manage and require less feed.
  • Their fleeces are very nice since the wethers feed goes to fiber production only and not to reproduction.
  • They are good companions for nice bucks.
  • They have great personalities in general and amuse us. Laughter is good for a healthy body, right?



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