MoPaca™ represents the best of both fiber animals. Mohair adds strength and luster to the Alpaca's soft and fine characteristics.
MoWo™ blends Mohair and fine fibered Wool which adds "memory" and bounce to the blend.
MoWoPaca™ is a blend of Mohair, Wool, and Alpaca -- who could want more!

The above luxury fibers come from handspinners' flocks in the United States. The animals are respectfully raised and gently sheared. The mohair and alpaca rovings and yarns have been processed by a Colorado mill. The wool yarns are processed in U.S. mills. These unique yarns are not stocked in any craft store or yarn shop.

CORMO wool is from the Cormo Sheep. It is a fine, long-stapled, and very soft wool with extra bounce and memory.  I have hand-dyed these yarns which have been raised and processed in the U.S. by Elsa Wool CompanyIn the undyed form, they have been showcased by Clara Parkes in her fiber book Book of Yarn.

BUFFALO GOLD LUX SPORT 6 contains the down from the American Bison.  The down is softer, finer and stronger than almost all luxury fibers and it can be considered hypoallergenic when clean. Lux Sport is a blend of 45% bison down, 20% cashmere, 20% silk, and 15% tencel. I have overdyed this cabled yarn from its grayish/brown state for truly unique colors.

The inventory of colors and blends fluctuates. Please contact Kathy for current availabilities. There will be a wide range of custom possibilities.

MoPaca™ DK Yarn

MoPaca™ DK Yarn (65/35)
(65% mohair / 35% alpaca)
Approximate yardage = 40 yds. per oz.

$ 6.00 / oz.

MoPaca™ Heathered Sport Yarn

MoPaca™ Heathered Sport Yarn (35/65)
(35% mohair / 65% alpaca)
Approximate yardage = 55 yds. per oz.

Note:This yarn won a 1st place ribbon at 9th Annual AOBA Certified Fall Festival Alpaca Show in Castle Rock CO (Oct 8-9 2005). The blend was 65% brown alpaca from Kokopelli's Song Alpacas and 35% white mohair from Wynham Farms, millspun by Dear Valley Alpacas Processing Mill in Loveland CO.

$ 7.00 / oz.



HandPainted MoPaca™ Sport Yarn (50/50)          $ 7.50 / oz.

(50% mohair / 50% alpaca)

Approximate yardage = 50 yds per oz.                                      SOLD

Mill spun and handplied

MoWo™ DK Yarn

MoWo™ DK Yarn (65/35)
(65% mohair / 35% wool)
Approximate yardage = 25 yds. per oz.

$ 5.00 / oz.

MoWoPaca™ Sport Yarn

MoWoPaca™ Sport Yarn (50/25/25)
(50% mohair / 25% wool / 25% alpaca)
Approximate yardage = 55 yds. per oz.

$ 5.50 / oz.

MoWoPaca™ Light

MoWoPaca™ Light Yarn (40/40/20)
(40% mohair / 40% wool / 20% alpaca)
Approximate yardage = 65 yds. per oz.

$ 5.50 / oz.


Pure Mohair
Kid DK Yarn

Kid DK* Yarn (100% Mohair)
Approximate yardage = 45 yds. per oz.

$ 7.00 / oz.

Kid Sport Yarn

Kid Sport Yarn (100% Mohair)
Approximate yardage = 55 yds. per oz.

$ 7.00 / oz.


Artsy Handspun Handdyed (100% Mohair)Thick ' n Thin...Straight 'n Curly
Approximate yardage = 20 yds. per oz.                       Heavy DK to Bulky weight
Young Adult                                                              



$ 3.00 / oz.

$ 3.50 / oz.

$ 3.75 / oz.



Worsted Weight
Approximate yardage = 150 yds.
Approximate weight = 2 oz.

$13.00 / skein

Sport Weight
Approximate yardage = 150 yds.
Approximate weight = 1.5 oz.

$11.00 / skein


Fingering Weight (medium gray overdyed)
Approximate yardage = 150 yds.
Approximate weight = 1.25 oz.

$ 9.00 / skein


SILK BLENDS - HandPainted and HandSpun

Trilium Reborn

HandSpun, HandPainted Silk blended withWool and HandDyed Mohair
3 ply

Light Bulky Weight

$ .14 / yard



Sport Weight

45% bison down / 20% cashmere /

20% silk / 15% tencel
Approximate yardage = 70 yds.
Approximate weight = 1.5 oz.

$35.00 / skein


The buyer is responsible for shipping charges. Rates are calculated by weight and location.
Check USPS for actual Priority Mail rates adding ~12 oz. for the box. Add $1.65 for insurance under $50.
Please email for in stock info and to place your order.

I accept PayPal, checks and money orders. Personal checks over $20 will be held until they clear.



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-- Elizabeth Zimmermann

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