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This page exhibits wearable and non-wearable art which has been created using Wynham Farms' fibers. I look forward to filling this pallet with as many Masterpieces as it can hold. So please send me your photos of skeins, in-progress and/or finished projects.

Another great way for viewing my most recent creations is on my Facebook page. Go to Wynham Farms with gotmygoat.

Felted Vest Front
Felted Vest Back
Felted Vest Fiber \Detail
Felted Vest from Kokopelli's Song Alpacas, MoWoPaca™ crocheted trim
Barbara's Shawl

Knitted by Barbara Garrett of Longmont, CO. using naturally colored MoWoPaca™ yarns.

Barbara's Shawl Detail

Barbara's Shawl : Stitch Detail
The gray is MoWoPaca™ Light Yarn.
The white is MoWoPaca™ Sport Yarn.
Coat of Many Colors

Coat of Many Colors
Designed and knitted by Christine of
Lu-C-Ann Designs using handdyed
MoPaca™ and MoWoPaca™ yarns
Coat of Many Colors Detail

Coat of Many Colors Detail

Kid Mohair Vest

Kid Mohair Vest, mill spun by DVA, handdyed by Kathy, hand knit by Herta Williams


Baby Blanket

Knitted Baby Blanket by Penny
35% kid mohair, 25% alpaca
25% CVM wool, 15% silk


Knitted Bear Sweater

Knitted Bear Sweater
1-ply handspun mohair &
1-ply commercial boucle


Knitted Sweater

Knitted Sweater
Handspun/hand-dyed mohair and merino with commercial alpaca


Knitted Hats & Headbands

Knitted Hats & Headbands
mohair, wool & alpaca


Crocheted Scarf

Crocheted Scarf
Handspun mohair/alpaca/merino


Mohair Hats and Headbands

More knitted Hats & Headbands
Handspun merino wool
with hand-dyed mohair locks


Woven Baby Carriage Blanket

Woven Baby Carriage Blanket
Handspun merino wool with hand-dyed
mohair locks woven on triangle loom


Photo: Afghan
Kathy's Afghan
Mohair/merino 2 ply


Photo: Afghan
Annie's Afghan - woven with 2 ply kid mohair & Glace ribbon for weft and 2 ply Alpaca/Silk for warp

     Photo: Headbands                           
Headbands - Mohair/Jacob Sheep 2 ply
                         Hand dyed Cormo Wool

                                                                                      Hand knit by Debra Garvey of LA                     


Photo: Skein

100% Adult mohair, single ply - by Annie

Photo: Eyelet Wrap
Eyelet Wrap
50% Mohair
50% Alpaca from Kokopelli's Song Alpacas


Photo: Doily

Crocheted Doily
Kid single ply


Photo: Baby Set
Knitted Baby Gift Set
Mohair/Rambo 2 ply


Shawl - 75% Sky Blue dyed mohair
25% white silk, overdyed with more Sky Blue


33% white mohair
33% brown alpaca
33% Spruce Rambo


50% Sapphire mohair
25% gray alpaca
25% white Rambo


Fair Isle Vest by Annie
Sapphire heather mohair
white Rambo
commercial gray alpaca

Jacket by Dottie

HandSpun Kid by Kathy stranded with Cotton Boucle

HandPainted by Dottie




                                                    Arching Cables Jacket by Tess

                                      Spring Blush Yarn, 3 ply: handspun MoWoPaca +

                                      handdyed Alpaca + commercial handpainted Silk




Baby Gray Blanket crocheted by Cousin Jean of Florida.

Handspun yarn by Kathy consisted of alpaca, wool, mohair & silk

in natural colors.


"Knit on, with confidence and hope, through all crises."
-- Elizabeth Zimmermann

Photo: EZ


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