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MoPaca™ represents the best of both fiber animals. Mohair adds strength and luster to the alPaca's soft and fine characteristics.
MoWo™ blends Mohair and fine fibered Wool which adds "memory" and bounce to the blend.
MoWoPaca™ is a blend of Mohair, Wool, and alPaca -- who could want more!

These luxury fibers come from handspinners' flocks across the United States. The animals are respectfully raised and gently sheared. The rovings and yarns have been processed by a Colorado mill (DVA Fiber Processing).

How soft are these yarns?
Check out the Wynham Farms Softness Scale of Animal Fibers.

MoWoPaca™ Sport Yarn

MoWoPaca™ Sport Yarn (50/25/25)
(50% mohair / 25% wool / 25% alpaca) 
Approximate yardage = 55 yd. per oz.
$ 5.50 / oz.

"Knit on, with confidence and hope, through all crises."
-- Elizabeth Zimmermann

Photo: EZ
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